Introduction to Dodge Ghoul:

In the same way that a future Dodge SRT Ghoul won’t exist, the SRT Ghoul isn’t a genuine car either. It is unfortunate to report that this is the case. The Ghoul SRT is a spoof of April Fools Day 2021 conceived by Jay Traugott. nailed it with this April fool’s joke, which was picked up by dealerships like Kendall Dodge and Dodge Briggs. (It’s completely entertaining if you realize that these stories are all made up.) 

SRT Ghoul has risen to the top of Google searches, even though it does not exist. On the other hand, could it be possible that something comparable could be on its way? Based on Dodge’s current strategy, we believe the answer is likely to be yes.

SRT Ghoul challenger:

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is one of the top famous muscle car nameplates on this planet. The vehicle’s ridiculous performance and aggressive fee tag earned Demon its legendary reputation. Then in early 2019, the business enterprise stirred even greater excitement when it released teaser pics suggesting that there might be yet every other immense supply coming our way.

The mysterious version changed into SRT Ghoul, and it became rumored to be the most powerful version of Dodge Challenger. As soon as Dodge released the teaser pix, enterprise professionals speculated that Challenger SRT Ghoul was probably a tricky prank. In one of his latest webisodes, Rory from YouTube channel R/T Life breaks down a video from 2020 that allegedly capabilities a real-global dyno check of a Challenger SRT Ghoul.

According to the YouTuber, the automobile visible within the video isn’t always the exceedingly expected muscle vehicle. However, a Challenger is powered utilizing a Hellephant crate motor and sports activities Ghoul badges. Rory commented on the video, “It was made in 2020 and used as a promotion for Magnaflow’s new X, cat-again xMOD exhaust setup.” It passed off that they used a Challenger with some Ghoul badges at the aspect and a Hellephant crate engine below the hood.”

Dodge Charger SRT Ghoul:

The Dodge Challenger SRT Ghoul appeared, and the plan was to deliver a more powerful model than the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 than the Demon’s 840 hp model. But a lot can take place in just a yr. Dodge reportedly chose to construct the Ghoul SRT Charger because it believes the American tremendous sedans market is open to take.

Any 2022 Dodge Charger SRT Ghoul will probably be genuinely one of many shutting variations of your own identified sedan, at least inside the kind we apprehend. It incorporates a sizeable power growth and has the best HEMI engine whenever you want. Even so, nearly the whole lot of sturdiness will in no way work as the only raise. We will even see changes in different capabilities, like suspensions, chassis, design, etc.

2022 Charger Ghoul:

The largest new function for the 2022 Charger changed recently announced with the aid of Dodge: we’re getting a 1,000 horsepower Dodge Charger SRT Ghoul in 2022. This ridiculously high-powered Charger version will be powered by a Hellephant V8 crate engine and could reportedly make 950 lb-toes of torque alongside 1,000 horsepower.

SRT Ghoul Price:

We expect to look at the 2022 Dodge SRT Ghoul overdue inside the year. At this factor, we will say it will be available very limited series, even though the precise variety continues to be unknown. On the other hand, we realize that the beginning fee will likely move around $200,000 greenbacks.

Is The SRT Ghoul A Real?

While the SRT Ghoul started as a shaggy dog story, there’s nothing funny about the tens of hundreds of “SRT Ghoul” seek queries hitting the net every month. What began out as a prank introduced by a car journalist barricaded at home via the COVID pandemic may have taken on a lifestyle of its personal? We supply the 1,000-hp Dodge a better than 50/50 threat of happening, though it’s extra than we can say for the name.

While positive “SRT Ghoul” makes it easier to find (a sensitive step for carbuzz.Com), Dodge’s 1,000-hp curtain-call might nearly, in reality, be known as the SRT Daytona, given the excessive chance of its aero appearance? As it so takes place, Heide Performance Products (HPP) designed and brought to the marketplace a Daytona frame package for the Dodge Challenger returned in 2009, pictures of which we are displaying in this story for comparison’s sake. It’s dubious Dodge would deliver a wholly new ICE-powered car to market for one model yr.

So if the SRT Ghoul (aka Daytona) occurs, it would be on the present LX/LC platform and take the general form of a Charger (less in all likelihood) or Challenger (much more likely). It wouldn’t stray a long way from the HPP design shown above but would have the huge body treatment of the present-day automobiles.

How much is the Dodge SRT Ghoul?

Dodge will simplest make one hundred Ghouls, every priced at around $200,000, so those will now not be clean to get a hold of. If you are one of the fortunate 100 humans to force this beast, enjoy it. There may be six exclusive engine options for the 2022 Charger.

How much HP does a ghoul have?

This quite subtle vehicle produced 808 horsepower, as much as 840 horsepower with 100 high-octane racing fuel. As for speed, the high-performance nature of SRT motors (Street Racing Technology) is guaranteed to put a smile on a driver’s face. Consider the truth the SRT Demon is the fastest SRT vehicle produced utilizing FCA.

Will there be a Charger ghoul?

The automaker has confirmed plans to release the last Dodge Charger SRT Ghoul for the 2022 model year.


A Street-prison 1,000-horsepower production automobile is a laudable goal for Dodge, and greater apparently, it remains inside Dodge’s reach. If you do a simple thought test and believe what it would take to deliver a 1,000 hp car to the marketplace for less than $100,000, you fast come to three conclusions: 

• It ought to have additional EV technology to attain 1,000 hp while closing smooth enough for Federal certification; 

• It must have serious aerodynamics, and these aerodynamics will be of the static kind and now not lively for value reasons.

• Add those three matters together, and you’ve got an SRT Ghoul that appears remarkably like a Widebody Redeye Challenger with a Daytona nose and fender.



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